The thoughts that make up our knowledge are like paths through thick forests.

When someone leads us along such a path, we experience the way briefly and then forget it quickly.  When we lead ourselves along it, we learn the way personally and remember it more distinctly.  But if we don’t continually walk the path, treading its rut deeper and solidifying the connections between its landmarks, hollows and bends, we eventually lose the way, and are only able to regain it through pure luck– or a machete.

Recipe for disaster

For recession, combine cheap money and desirable assets in free market economy. Bring to a boil. Stir occasionally to prevent foresight. Once tender, reveal reality and then smother with fear. For depression, add politicians.

Zane’s Pain

Here in the borderlands, here in the spaces between rock and sky, here on my island of liberalism — my lonely cay assailed by the fanaticism of bearded bigots — here I teach American soldiers how to write. Every day at the beginning of […]

The Philosophy of Hail

I went out walking the FOB again last night. For a couple weeks now, I’ve been carving a rut in the gravel road that circles the perimeter of our base. I tread the path after dark, sharing the moonlight with the jackals and toads […]

Distant World a Couple Miles Away

Last night at 10pm I found myself walking by starlight down a deserted gravel road in eastern Afghanistan. There was no noise, no disturbance, no lights. Only silence and stars. My thoughts wandered. I thought of masked marauders […]