a self to call oneself

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femurspine bones and clavicle ribbone bones
weigh down floating flesh
tendon-bending breaths of body
leaps and bounds of hips touching tips of toes goes up
and then goes down
whatever goes straight soon comes back around
returning to eternity’s mansions
from out of time’s ruins come dancing expansions
muscle contraction tense tendontight action
interactions between ligament-layered attachments and fractions of spirit
speed-sparked through the nerves
from the cortex cerebral through a vortex of curves
causing swerves in the choreographed courses of forces
freefalling in fiery forms to warm torsos
tight-flexed abdominal tension in squares tightened down to skin
solid from fluids and airs
sucked and swallowed in diaphragm gusts to the gut
waves organic in gulps masticated and cut between teeth
into pulps feeding fires that flare
flames of heat from the touch of skin gleaming and bare
bearing rays of radiation
in core heated by creation
ancient cell inhabitation begets spectral inspiration
and a self to call oneself
traversed in reality itself becomes that self
ineluctably conditioned to become that self
who became and was as one received
believing I believed in me
and me (receiving I’s belief)
sank deep recesses into truth
as deep as color sinks into matter
as deep as the rhythm sinks into the words that I scatter