between legs

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bodies in beds
stretched to the zones where the breaths get said
read aloud in soft-shaking touches
repetitious tissue tension
in and outside gushes of fluid streams of language
sanguineous slurs of sliding rhymes
arranged in voices
vociferous rejoyces heard in space and time
sinewave sets of ebbs and crest climaxes
facsimiled erection elocution attractions
spontaneously fusioned pheromoneous interactions
like the tonguewaves sensed by satellite skin-contraptions
zapped through nerves insta-rhythmic hiphop fashion
passion flashing rhapsodies through my flesh like plasma
fresh orgasmic ecstasy through my text time traveling
next to touch your sex
direct effects in flexed erect context
kissed necks
affective lips impressed
inflected yes-obsessed lyrics in sets
all wet
instinctive scents intense
intoxicants in pants
and rinsed in sweat that slips and licks the saltslick drips
inflicts the slickskin friction lubrication diction
articulation mixed in raging fits of passion
impulsation beats of skin dilation action
imagination engaged
unabated urges assuaged
between legs