sing you larity

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it hit tongue with spit
shiver and shakes where you sit
quiver and quietly quakes the core shall fall apart in feverfits
it gets you hot like gas in flames
inflammatory drops of sunshine
raindrops falling and plummets from the summits to abyss
missed steps and beats fly past like this: -now-
this: -now-
this: now kissed by curls in quickturns in moleculepaths
swaths cut cross the fabric of spacetime
just passed
just yes!
just passed
yes now! just came! yes! went before
again yes-spinning ‘round yin-volving ‘round yang yearns for more
now more
1 yearns for 2 seeks 3 hungers for 4
again splinters into 16ths and shards off the core
falling pastbound toward future
into time acupuncture
vibrating needles and pins of time-slivers to rupture
your follicles
rhyme particles disturbed by beams of now
fall down to measure musical moments
like the te beholds the tao
the path
the way of least resistance through existence to this instant
present moments now turn distant
systems solar burning blistering
turning planets asteroids comet tails
ice rock dust space winds gusts and gales
galactic syntactical rains and hails
from heavens in 7-note arrangements
spells spun by dark-mattered gas-scattered forces
sucking towards us
the horizon of events that transmorphs us
on courses
to sing you larity
I singularity
when I’m one with gravity
I singularity